What is surrender?

Jul 17, 2023
What is surrender - blog

I am not a big fan of people advising by throwing out a bunch of words or concepts to a person that makes it complex.

But yet, at the same time, a single word can do the same.

One such word is 'surrender'.

I see this word as advice when someone becomes stuck in their life – that you should surrender.

But that word is meaningless unless you know what this means for yourself.

I say this because the first time someone told me to surrender, my initial thought was – "What are they talking about?"

As I dove further into the word surrender, I discovered it was more than just a definition or a concept – it is a theme of your life – and one that you will not know what it is for yourself right away.

Because when we surrender, it is a continual journey to fully understand what it is and an individual experience that changes over time.

I recently discovered what surrender means for myself as I contemplated my soul blueprint through my human design – more specifically, through my human design channel or theme of experience of my life.

As I contemplated this, I received insight as to why I could not figure out what and why I was going through certain major life experiences until the very end of that experience – despite feedback I received from others along the way.

You see, although I receive advice from others – I don't take immediate action or change the trajectory right away during my life experiences – and so I am seen as being stubborn.

But I'm not purposely being stubborn.

I don't move to change it because I continue to feel a strong push inside of me to continue with that particular experience until the very end – despite the consequences – in which I then make the changes to correct it.

Yes, it can be quite shocking, especially when it involves others in my life.

None of this is being done consciously or intentionally as I live out one of the major themes in my life.

But as I live it repeatedly and differently each time, I learn, grow, and evolve from this surrender.

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