Quantum Integration™ Method

Shape Your Self from your Soul

A holistic intuitive shift. Transform conflict into clarity. Embrace your inner guidance with confidence.  

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Quantum Integration™ Method

Shape your Self from your Soul

A holistic intuitive shift. Transform conflict into clarity. Embrace your inner guidance with confidence. 


Quantum Integration™ Method

We experience a variety of internal and external conflicts in our work, and in life.

But in a leadership capacity, you experience it through a different lens—such as managing team dynamics, stakeholders, regulatory changes, and organizations changes. 

However, managing the pressure from these conflicts doesn't lie in acquiring new concepts, models, or strategies for becoming a better leader because you have already gained much through various life and leadership coaching and personal experiences.   

The key now lies in Integration, as Quantum Integration™—bringing together all the knowledge, skills and wisdom you've acquired—where you decide how to understand it within your leadership capacity, expressing it in your own words and unique communication style.

And it begins with Conflicts.

Conflicts, often seen as obstacles, are now reframed as opportunities for leadership, personal growth, and development. They are no longer viewed from the perspective of conflict resolution but rather as a starting point of awareness, leading to innovative conflict solutions.  


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Breakthrough Intensive

As conflicts arise in various situations, we often hold back the full expression of our true selves, because we feel the need to compromise for resolution. However, when we compromise, we inadvertently sacrifice aspects of ourselves, leading us to feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled.

During the Breakthrough Intensive session, we aim to renew the connection with your soul self by elevating your awareness to unlock hidden potentials. This reconnection brings you new insights and perspectives by combining the strengths of your soul and human self to address current challenges, paving the way for you to catalyze the pressure of internal conflicts.

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Aloha, I’m Jerilyn Ito

Breakthrough Coach & Mentor

My mission is to empower high performers to enhance their leadership abilities by moving from a space of needing to prove their worth into a space of knowing their deep intrinsic value.

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Client Testimonials

I just want to acknowledge Jerilyn Ito...

for her amazing ability to open my awareness of who I am at the soul level. I received a session with Jerilyn that was one of the most accurate accounts of who I am at the depth of my being."

- Esther 

Amazing experience!

There were things I love about myself but at the same time couldn't shake off guilt about. She helped me release it. My body even felt lighter, like I finally could leave behind something heavy I'd been carrying with me since I was child."

- Miyuki


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