Embracing Life’s Greatest Challenge

Mar 04, 2024

When conflict arises, we want it to be resolved quickly into oblivion so that it no longer exists and for it to never return. But at the same time, we know that it will return because conflict is there right with us every step of the way. We were born as conflicted human beings and will live this out for the rest of our lives. 


So if we can’t avoid it, why do we even try to at every turn?


We just want peace of mind. We desire to be happy and live a life filled with joy. Most of all, we want to not just experience love but to feel it deeply. 


The Conflict of Our Human Existence

The moment we become an embryo, is when we begin our journey as a human, and sometime in the womb, as we grow to become little humans waiting to discover the outside world, our soul joins our human selves. It is from that very moment, when our soul joined our human selves, began the greatest conflict we will experience in our lifetime. 


For our soul to live out its existence in a human body.


It is within our human existence that we experience the many twists and turns of life because our soul is trying to be heard. The soul, which has set up a home within our human body, wants us to live out our best selves. Our soul doesn't want us to live just as a human body with a soul, but as a fully realized human being who lives out the greatest potential in their lifetime.


Therein lies the key to living our best life – fully expressing our soul potential in our human existence.


Potential hides amongst the many conflicts and where the greatest capacity of ourselves lives. It is within this place that the most potent of all potential remains, hidden within the maze of conflicts and dormant until you decide to reveal it.


Struggles with the Ego and Soul 

We hear a lot about the ego and how it affects the way we think about ourselves and our lives. Having a healthy ego is important because it helps us positively maintain our sense of self. 


But although the ego is part of our human psyche and functions as our protector, it is also the translator of all information we receive not just from the world around us, but from our soul, and herein lies the struggle. 


Our ego is also translating information from our soul, with the soul wanting to be fully expressed in our human existence. 


The struggle between the ego and the soul occurs because the soul has a blueprint of its own to live out. The soul wants to be realized as a pure expression through the human self, but then the ego doesn’t allow it. The ego doesn’t allow the soul blueprint to be expressed to its fullest because the ego will spend a lifetime trying to figure out how to express the soul in connection with our human selves as a whole. 


The Burden of Soul Imprints 

Just as we have human DNA with all of its information buried deep within our body, containing more than just the building blocks to create our physical human self and displaying their own unique patterning of chromosomes, we also have soul DNA with its own set of characteristics. It is our human DNA with the soul DNA causing friction at the very foundation of ourselves, but there is also more to it.  


What is more important to note here is not the difference in our human and soul DNA, but the imprints, or soul imprints of energy. You see, we gather soul imprints through our conversations with others, all that we read, images we see in front of us, and even in our dreams. We gather soul imprints from our surroundings of nature or our man-made environment.


Soul imprints are continually being impressed upon us energetically as we perceive everything through our world of reality around us, the dreams of our soul, and even more that comes in from the Universe.  


We don’t just gather and collect soul imprints during our lives, they are intermingling with the soul imprints that have been passed on through the generations of our ancestors embedded deep within our human and soul DNA. 


The intermingling of soul imprints we gather throughout this lifetime with the ones from our ancestors has become a significant weight for us to carry. One that we take along for the ride of our life. As we journey in life carrying these soul imprints with us, we are continually trying to discover how to create our own way of being. We desire to create our own way of living in the world of reality while carrying the burdens of our soul imprints while sensing signals coursing throughout our body as the energies of our soul beckons us to discover who we truly are.


Embracing Our Wholeness

As we weave through the different pathways of our lives, we soon discover that it comes from only ourselves in deciding what to be and become with all that we carry. It is living as our soul, where our soul represents all of the potential for our life with its created conflicts in its interaction with our human self. The potentiality of our soul where we hold and have the power to mold it into anything we desire during the lifetime of our human experience.  


Our human experience is not absolute, but our soul is. 


It is from this state of being absolute from our soul in conflict with our human selves where we make decisions for our lives, and where we decide the direction to evolve. The place of being whole that most people seek but don’t realize is already there. 


We are the ones holding back saying to ourselves that we aren’t whole and complete when we come into this world as this.


Although we hold ourselves back along the journey of life, there is still an evolution occurring within ourselves. Our evolution where the soul signals us to move beyond our human construct of limitations and fear, showing up as conflicts and challenges. The soul reminds us that it is not because we fear what will happen next, as fear is a human construct of understanding limitation, but instead, it is our human selves trying to expand and hold even greater energies of our soul because the soul wants to fill us up even more.



There is potential for understanding the conflicts we encounter in life where it calls us to welcome them, understanding that our soul serves as our guide. All we need to do is tune in and listen, recognizing that our human experience extends beyond what meets the eye. Rather than allowing life to dictate our path or feeling compelled to relentlessly pursue goals, we should look beyond the surface of focusing on goals and desired outcomes because by doing so, we overlook the challenges that present themselves as stepping stones.


It is within these challenges that hold promise of something greater than what we initially seek. Therefore, embrace the challenges that show up in life with faith and trust, as these serve as our guide throughout the burdens and trials of our human experience called life, which become a means for navigating our thoughts, emotions, and sensations as we decide on how we want to shape and create desires..


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