Welcome!  I am Jerilyn Ito, and my soul’s journey is a testament to the power of self-discovery and transformation.

It started with a career in nursing,

marriage, and having children with plans for retirement until my life took a profound turn when I found my voice through creative writing and voice lessons. This marked the beginning of a new chapter filled with unexpected twists and turns.

My sudden new experience with creative expression led me to a divorce and a self-discovery of deep exploration of a newfound understanding of the universe and the human spirit. 

As I ventured beyond traditional knowledge, 

I delved into intuitive development and various healing modalities – Angel cards, channeling, Reiki, and connecting with the spirits of loved ones – that broadened my perspective of life and the interconnectedness of all things.

My journey though was not without challenges, but within those moments of adversity, I found a closer connection with my soul. This deeper connection allowed me to see my dreams unfold step by step, and in doing so, I learned an invaluable lesson of trust and faith in myself.

My life experiences have illuminated the path to contentment, inner strength, and joy.  I discovered that the key to living these qualities in life lies in deepening one's connection with the soul.  

It is in this sacred realm that I guide and empower those who desire to embark on their soul's journey.


I specialize in Quantum Human Design™ readings

as the foundation and doorway to clients' soul's guidance, so that when they step through the entrance of a personalized mentorship to immerse themselves, it enables them to deepen their connection with the soul in their personal and professional lives, helping them confidently create and expand their dreams.

Furthermore, I am a parasympathetic breathwork practitioner, ready to assist my clients in navigating any trauma that may arise during their soul-searching process. I guide my clients in gently moving these energies through their bodies, awakening their inner selves to facilitate even deeper soul guidance. 

When you enter my universe, you'll find your soul's guidance opening up to reveal the next steps on your journey. With newfound confidence emanating from your soul, you can move forward with your dreams and aspirations without hesitation.  

My mission is to empower high achievers and high-performers to unlock their potential with unshakable self-belief to achieve their dreams.

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Let’s walk together on your human design soul journey.