"Welcome! I'm Jerilyn Ito, and my soul's journey is a testament to the miracles that unfold when we surrender to self-discovery and allow transformation to light our path."

I began a well-established career path by receiving degrees in Nursing and Organizational Change,

and my personal journey of marriage and children before life took an unexpected turn with divorce.  However, this unexpected event in life led to the discovery of my voice through writing and an exploration of self-discovery that I didn’t know existed beyond conventional wisdom.


My new path in life led me down the intuitive development and energy healing road where I eventually specialized in Quantum Human Design™ all while continuing my nursing career.  In 2023, I received certification as a Parasympathetic Breathwork Practitioner.

In 2021, I left my nursing career to focus on my business full-time and deepened the process of self-discovery that led me to create the Quantum Integration™ Method.  


After dedicating thirty-two years to both the private and government sectors, in roles spanning from a staff nurse to overseeing three departments, I’ve amassed a wealth of experience and knowledge.  Now, I’m excited to share my expertise through personalized mentorship.


My unique approach, the Quantum Integration™ Method, is a proprietary system I've developed. This method, born out of my diverse work and life experiences, is a powerful guide and support system for leaders. 


My work is to empower leaders on their transformative journey where they shift from proving their worth to knowing their deep intrinsic value, unlocking limitless potential by enhancing their leadership abilities.