"Welcome! I'm Jerilyn Ito, and my journey is a testament to the wonders that emerge when we embrace soul discovery and allow transformation to light our way."

With degrees in Nursing and Organizational Change, my career path was well-established

until life took an unexpected turn with divorce. This event sparked a journey of soul discovery and finding my voice, leading me down another path to explore intuitive development and energy healing.


In 2021, I transitioned full-time into my business, deepening my exploration with a certification as a Quantum Human Design™ Specialist and Parasympathetic Breathwork Practitioner. I then focused on creating my body of work, Quantum Integration™ Method.

With my 32 years in private and government sectors, from staff nurse to overseeing three departments, negotiating contracts and sharing agreements, and navigating healthcare regulations, I gained extensive experience and a deep understanding of complex organizational dynamics on this journey.


The Quantum Integration™ Method, a proprietary method developed from my knowledge and experiences, is a unique approach to enhance leadership capabilities. It is a powerful, integrative, whole-body intuitive development method for leaders.

I am currently writing a personal development book, "The Path of Soul Intuition: Natural Progression from Gut Instinct to Body Intuition®," for release in early 2025. This integrative, whole-body intuitive development guide is for leaders to tap into their embodied potential and cultivate authentic leadership.


My mission is to empower high performers to enhance their leadership capabilities by tapping into their embodied potential rather than constantly feeling the need to prove themselves.