Unlock Your Soul Purpose

Dec 07, 2023
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In the world of self-improvement and personal growth, you know the importance placed upon transformative shifts as you have experienced them personally and guided clients through their inner shifts. But as you reflect on your past personal growth while contemplating where you are now and where you want to be, you find yourself craving a transformation that resonates on a deeper level because currently, the changes you are experiencing are slightly changed versions from before. 

Although you’re successful in guiding and supporting others with where you currently are, you have an neverending desire to experience an earth-shattering change, one that turns the ripples of change into impactful waves for your future.  

That is why understanding your soul's energy through your energetic blueprint through Quantum Human Design™ becomes the key to go from where you are now to where you want to be.


Understand Your Soul's Energy

To understand your soul’s energy is to go beyond the confines of mental understanding and intellectualizing your feelings and emotions. Instead, go on a journey with your energetic blueprint and see how it's expressed through your soul’s energy through the means of self-expression, where you recognize the energy as choices for you to create your desired reality while making soul-aligned decisions and actions through the lens of Quantum Human Design™.


Tap into Your Hidden Strengths

As you journey through the exploration of your soul’s energy, first look beyond the surface of your current reality. By doing so, you begin to recognize the nuances of your energy by unlocking a deep well of wisdom within the energetic blueprint of your human design chart.  

Your human design chart contains different components such as your type, profile, centers, gates, channels, and incarnation cross, but only learning through the descriptive explanations of your energetic blueprint is not enough. To know where your hidden strengths reside, realize that you are more than just a sum of the individual aspects of yourself within the chart. Instead, contemplate and devote yourself to uncovering your hidden strengths by experiencing your energetic blueprint in your life experiences through your soul’s energy.


Understand Yourself as a Soul

Why is it vital to understand yourself as a soul? The reason is that you are not just a collection of details, descriptions, and labels for you to describe yourself. You are a soul who desires to express itself through your living experiences as a human being, and as you learn new aspects of yourself, your heart's guidance deepens from your soul's wisdom.

Now, this type of journey is not the usual conventional approach as it transcends by reaching deep within your inner core – your soul’s essence – to reveal how you can live in your human existence in alignment with your soul. 


Discover Your Soul's Role in Life

As you explore your human design chart – the soul's energetic blueprint – you’ll also come to realize that it isn’t just about having a set of characteristics as defined by your chart, because you are more than the sum total of your parts. And it is more than just a compilation of different aspects of yourself comprising your soul identity –because you continually evolve throughout your lifetime. 

But when you do decide to accept the invitation to discover your soul’s role in life through your human design chart, you see that it is like a map, guiding you through a blueprint of your energy.  

Because your soul’s role in life is to guide you as you integrate your soul's wisdom into your human existence by navigating the highs and lows, successes and mistakes in life.  Yes, it is a life of polarity, and there is no means to get around it. But you have to go through all your life experiences to understand what your soul is communicating to you through its energy – as intuition sensed throughout your being. 

And as you translate each experience from where you currently are in the understanding of yourself, you gain increasing clarity of your soul’s role in life.   


From Where You Are Now – to Where You Can Be

While looking at your human design chart, the first thing that comes into your awareness is where you are now, and as you learn the different parts of your energetic blueprint, you see where you can be. That’s the beauty of the human design chart. When you view your human design chart through the lens of Quantum Human Design™ and with soul awareness, it allows you to embrace your inner self with your changing outer reality. And as you engage in the quantum field to create your desired reality, life shows up as a sequence of events as you fulfill your soul's limitless potential. 

Potential and possibilities that uncover your hidden talents and strengths. So, use your chart like a treasure map that gives you clues about your unique gifts and how you can create a greater expression of yourself to make a bigger impact in life.


Embrace Your Soul's Journey

Your life isn't about following someone else's plan or setting inflexible goals for yourself. It’s about embracing your soul's journey and acknowledging your soul’s energy, seeing how you fit into the big picture of life. When you connect with your soul's purpose as its energy, your actions become more intentional, and the impact on your life – and the lives of others around you – goes beyond what you can imagine.  

Now, your soul encourages you to bring your true self into every aspect of your life where your work becomes an expression of your soul, and how you express yourself through your human existence is in alignment with your soul essence.  

And now – you embrace yourself as a soul.  


Bringing It All Together

In your quest for creating a bigger impact for change, understanding your soul's energetic blueprint offers you an approach to transcend traditional teachings in that it allows you to explore your human design chart without boundaries.  Although your chart contains specific information, it’s presented to you in a way that empowers you to explore without restrictions.  

As a coach and mentor, I'm here to support you as you navigate your soul's journey to unlock the potential of your energetic blueprint through the lens of Quantum Human Design™.  When walking along this path, it is not about changing your mindset.  This is for you to uncover your soul's purpose through powerful transformations, ready for you to embrace.

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