Understanding Your Body and Soul Connection

Dec 15, 2023
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In the realm of self-discovery and personal development, the human design chart serves as a roadmap that shows the connection between our body and soul. However, through my observation on the use of the human design chart, it often is used as a means to quickly make changes in their lives or businesses. However, that is not the true essence of the chart. The human design chart is not a shortcut or a way to pick and choose what we like about it, such as our Type and Strategy. It's more about taking the time to understand ourselves better, step by step. To experience a nuanced evolution and integration of new insights and perspectives as we explore and discover our own being.  


There Are No Quick Fixes

We live in a fast-paced world of self-help and personal growth, so the human design chart is sometimes seen as a quick fix – a tool that we can use to focus on certain aspects of life or business transformation without really delving into other aspects of the chart, or seeing it on a whole. But while the chart can offer valuable insights for immediate life or business transformation, you can miss the big picture – a broader perspective – if you don’t go into further depth of the chart and apply the details and interpretation of them.

That is because true transformation, as guided by the human design chart, is a process that unfolds gradually so that we allow ourselves to integrate new discoveries from our souls for a new awareness of ourselves. When we rush the process and give in to the temptation to seek quick change, we miss the true value of the human design chart as well as the value and recognition that our evolution is a journey and not a destination.   


Time Matters in Personal Growth

Understanding the human design chart means understanding that personal change takes time, but it is often used as a means for psychological adaptation and strategic implementation for business development or growth. I have also observed the chart to be used in a quest for direct mindset shifts. It is in this quest to rush through the process that leads to a surface-level comprehension thereby missing the profound impact the chart has on our lives.

When we utilize the chart as a tool for these reasons, it moves us away from the foundational understanding of the chart which offers us a broad spectrum of deep insights. By using the human design chart solely as a means to an end, we overlook the depth of rich wisdom it has for us because instead, it becomes a tool to achieve immediate goals instead of an invitation for a deep discovery of our soul. 

In other words, real change happens when we take our time and see ourselves as a masterpiece, crafting ourselves into who we know ourselves to be deep inside.


The Body and Soul Connection

The human design chart doesn't just show our soul; it also includes our body. In other words, it equally encompasses the essence of our soul with our physical existence in our body. When we realize ourselves as a soul in a body and its symbiotic relationship, it is only then do we unlock our potential transformation – as soul energy.  

Our soul’s energy is representative in the human design chart as an energetic blueprint. Our body becomes the translator of our soul’s energy that guides us to understand and comprehend our lives. It is through the acknowledgment of our soul energy do we then embrace it within our body to create a powerful synergy – of body and soul – do we then live out our soul potential in both our personal lives and businesses.


Transformation Through Body and Soul 

We live a life of service to others from very young without realizing it, and when I sit with this thought, these three statements come to mind:

  • We learn to love others before we love ourselves
  • We learn to have faith in others before having faith in ourselves.
  • We learn to trust others before we trust ourselves.

But when we are on the receiving end of love, faith, and trust, it makes us feel uncomfortable.  

And when we say to ourselves, “I love myself, I have faith in myself, I trust myself”, there is a sudden pause, however brief it is, that happens within the moments afterward. That pause is when we suddenly drop into our body to fully feel our physical self and entire being and experience a sudden awareness as, before that moment, we were in a state of mind-body disconnection. 

But here’s the thing, this brief moment of pause is when we are fully aware of our soul energy – where our soul potential lives, yet we disregard it.  

So when you sense these moments of pause, acknowledge and embrace the soul energy because the transformation that unfolds in its steps is profound. Transformation no longer is a superficial change but instead becomes a merging of your body and soul where you now become a compass that guides you harmoniously in life while you confidently share and show your deepest truths to all.  


In our journey of self-discovery and personal growth, the human design chart is like a guide that shows how our body and soul connect. It's not just about quick fixes or achieving goals; it's about taking the time to understand ourselves. The chart is a valuable tool, helping us slowly uncover layers of our existence; a sacred guide for the integration of body and soul through a deeper understanding of our soul energy as it leads us towards a life and business that authentically reflects our truest selves. 

As you navigate through it, remember that the journey is just as important as the destination, and the richness lies in the unfolding layers and discovery of your own existence.

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