Remembering My Soul

Oct 13, 2023

We began living as embodied beings when our soul entered our body. I believe this to be true because of my experience caring for a patient before and after he transitioned to spirit while in the hospital.  


While here on earth.

There was a patient I cared for about thirty years ago, and he remains in my memory because it drastically changed the way I thought about what happens to a person after they transition to spirit. I remember him being jaundiced and not moving or speaking as he was comatose by the time it was my shift to care for him – he was about to transition very soon. I remember it being very difficult to move him in bed, and it took two to three nurses just to turn him on his side every two hours.  

We continued to make him as comfortable as possible by ensuring pain medications were given, and that he received good hygiene throughout the shift – and then he transitioned. Upon his passing, we were tasked with cleaning him thoroughly, and it was during this time that I noticed something unusual.  

When we turned to clean him and then moved him from the bed to the gurney – he felt lighter. It was easier to move him. I wasn’t the only one who noticed this difference. Other nurses had the same observation. We spoke about it amongst ourselves. Why is this so?  

I remember one of the nurses mentioning the soul leaving the body, but that is where the conversation ended, and we never spoke of this again. As for myself, this memory would pop up now and then over the years, but now it has taken hold front and center as I contemplated embodiment – the Gate of Embodiment – one of the gates in the human design chart.


My musings after deep contemplation.  

During the contemplation of my soul through the embodiment gate, I became aware of three things:

  • We don’t see ourselves as a whole.
  • We recognize ourselves as separate parts to make a whole.
  • We seek remedies by looking at each part of ourselves.


One such way is when we address the physical nature of our body. When we are feeling ill, we buy over-the-counter medications or go to the clinic to treat the illness. Understandably, we need to treat the acute illness of the body so that we have a return of our health and energy to go about our work and the rest of the day. But there are times in which our health becomes overwhelmed leading to stress despite the medical treatments and exercise to regain our health.

So, we look to see how to improve our mental health because we want to protect our minds and prevent them from “degrading” into mental disorders that are not looked upon highly.  We don't view mental health disorders positively because of the desire to be productive in a society that values the mind.  Using our minds plays an important role in society, especially with the establishment of the mental health field with its different psychological and psychiatric specialties.  

Then we have spiritual practices for the soul. There is a vast array of modalities ranging from energy healing to shamanic work, from meditation to human design, healing of the masculine and feminine, and the different types of astrology with some modalities created for a mind and body connection such as neuro-linguistic programming, relaxation techniques, and hypnosis.  


Life pulls you away from your soul.  

When I went back to read the insight I received with my contemplation where I stated “We recognize ourselves as separate parts to make a whole, " my thoughts went back to the memory of that one patient who felt lighter when we moved him after he passed away – and then it struck me. We become embodied beings when our soul enters our body and sometime after we are born – we have forgotten how to live as an embodied being.  

Life as we know it slowly pulls us away from remembering our soul because of our focus on daily life by focusing on our minds to do the work, and when we fail to resolve our problems in life, we analyze our way to a solution to achieve our goals. This describes the way I moved through life from my childhood until my early forties. I heavily relied on my mind to figure out my problems and how I faced my challenges so that I could reach my goals:

  • Married at the age of 27
  • Having two children with the help of fertility treatment with the first child.
  • Receiving my degree and license to work as a registered nurse.
  • Received my Master's Degree in Organizational Change while going through fertility treatments.
  • Accepting a position to oversee three departments 


Soon after the birth of my daughter, my life began to unravel when I stepped down from my position as a supervisor and then had a health scare. My life seemed to be at a standstill from that point – until a voice suddenly spoke to me and awakened my soul. That was the turning point of my life. I started down a very different path that began with asking for a divorce and eventually leaving my nursing career to focus on my business as an intuitive advisor while raising two children with minimal communication with my ex-husband.  

But as I was going through turmoil, I did not see my life from the perspective of it falling apart because, in retrospect, I was hitting my growth edges so that my life rearranged itself for a new beginning where I became consciously aware of creating a life from my soul and suddenly my life became filled with signs and synchronicities – now I was awake and recognized them as they showed up.  


I see myself as an embodied soul.  

Right now, as I am writing this blog, I am experiencing synchronicity by having a text conversation with a dear friend about the paths of our life and how amazing it is that no matter how much we try to go down another path in life, once we recognize ourselves as a soul, we end up where we are meant to be – when we awaken to see who we are from our soul. Just as I have experienced in my journey when my soul activated through a voice that eventually led me through a soul exploration with various modalities, and now a deepening of soul-discovery through the human design chart – to remember my soul

It's time for more of the world to remember their soul – and for you to deepen your soul connection through Quantum Human Design™ by connecting the dots of life differently to remember that you are an embodied soul here on earth to achieve and live your dreams.  


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