My Life as Time Bender

Oct 03, 2023

When I do my work or learn something new – I skip steps.

Some may think it might be due to an attention deficit disorder or that I am just scattered and I should learn time management or remove distractions so that I can focus. 

Well, none of these work for me because each time I started doing it, I could not follow through, or I just plain didn't like it.  

Some would call me stubborn, but that has nothing to do with it. It constricted my mind. The irony of it is that what is supposed to give me the freedom to be myself creates additional boundaries.  Instead, it restricted my freedom to think and to discover my own way.  

I have sensed that I needed to find my way of learning for quite some time, but I could not find a way to understand it until I discovered my human design chart.  Finally, the deeper insight into myself that I craved.

But it was not through the traditional Human Design interpretation of being a Manifesting Generator that gave me insight, but rather through the Quantum Human Design™ language and interpretation of my human design chart of being a Time Bender.  

I discovered that I am not stubborn, nor was I not intentionally not listening to what people were trying to say to me or teaching me.  It is because I desire so much freedom and my way of discovery.

One way I do this is by skipping steps. When new things are given to me in sequential order, especially something new to learn, my mind can't process it.  In other words, I can't learn or understand it in sequential order.  I have to jump to the end and then go back and forth several times before I can understand the order of it.  That is one of the characteristics of a Time Bender.

I'm sure there are many like myself when it comes to learning something new and we are given the information module by module before it is put together at the end.  I find it ironic that many teachings expect us to learn and understand in order so that when we go out of order or jump ahead, it is viewed negatively.  That we are learning it the “wrong way”.

Is that really how our mind is supposed to take in information?  Most certainly, mine doesn't. 

So now, when there is something new to learn that is provided in sequential order, I zoom out to get a broad overview or skip to the end before I zoom back in or go back to the beginning to understand it my way. (And discover some really cool shortcuts too!)

But because I did a deep dive into the human design chart and all my intricacies as a Time Bender, I discovered patterns through my seemingly scatteredness of learning and understanding.  In other words, I found my way – and it all started with understanding my Quantum Human Design™. 

P.S.  And by the way, Time Benders are also meant to multitask and leave some projects unfinished and never return to them again! 


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