It's All a Matter of Perspective...

Jul 17, 2023
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Meditate. Exercise. Take deep breaths.

These are common ways that we know of that can relieve stress.

I’m not saying that they don’t work – they do.

But now – explain that to a BLIND PERSON – born into this world without sight.

What seems simple and easy to explain – isn't.

Because a person born blind lives in complete darkness for their entire life. A blind person does not know the difference between:

Light and dark
Hard and soft
High and low

Well – not from the perspective and understanding of a sighted person – such as yourself.

I share this because I have seen many become impatient or angry when others do not understand what they are trying to convey.

And yet – they continue to push through in explanation – from their same perspective.

Their own – without taking into consideration the other person's world.

Because each person – each of you – grew up in a unique environment of physical surroundings, the different people surrounding you, and the many different situations you lived through.

All of this created – your perspective.

I share this understanding after my experience with my friend who was born into this world blind.

Before he transitioned to spirit seven years ago, he asked me to explain what an Angel is. You can imagine my initial confusion as I quickly tried to figure out how to explain it to him. This wasn't something where you could just say "I will tell you later" as he was very close to transitioning.

But at that moment, I learned a valuable lesson about perspectives from him.

That your perspective goes beyond changing the way you think.

Your perspective is from the influences in your life – and how you choose to live them.

And additionally, the stress you experience through daily conversations, your work, family, and relationships influence your perspective on how you decide to live each moment – of each day of your life.

So you know how they say that it's all about a matter of perspective?

It is true.

But what is left out is that the stress you live with – and what you decide to do with it – can change your perspective – and life in a blink of an eye.

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