Divine timing

Sep 05, 2023
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I have always wondered about divine timing because most times when I ask this question, the answer I receive is – “You will just know".

For me, that answer is not enough, and so I have been contemplating this.

And I discovered that with divine timing, or “knowing the right time”, most of the time we think of it like a lightning bolt coming down from the sky where it hits us hard with a sudden insight of thought or what to do next. But in my experience, these types of occurrences are far and few between.

Instead, I noticed that divine timing appears throughout the day without our conscious awareness in the many moments.


It can show up as a sudden lightness that we feel within our body.  A visceral pushing or pulling deep inside of us. A sudden change in our energy or our moods. And even as we observe our outside world, the colors suddenly look brighter around us.   

Divine timing resides within our body, and it becomes activated when our soul shows up as our authentic self in interaction with others and the world around us.  

However, when divine timing shows up, it is different for each person and this could explain why I could never get a straight answer. Because divine timing is not meant for us to explain it – but to experience it.


And when we do experience divine timing and how it shows up, it is not for us to study and analyze how it occurred because the divine timing experience is different every time.  

That is the reason why the mind and body connection is so important. It’s for you to feel the pauses through this connection because this is where divine timing resides. And it is where you access the deeper intuition within yourself from your authentic self of your soul.    


Here are some ways that you can begin to connect with your divine timing:

  1. Cultivate mindfulness: Pay attention to subtle signals such as sudden lightness in your body, visceral sensations, energy shifts, mood changes, and enhanced perception of your surroundings, as these are ways in which divine timing manifests throughout the day.⁠
  2. Embrace your authenticity: Act as your genuine self in your interactions with others and the world around you, allowing divine timing to become activated within your body.⁠
  3. Foster the mind-body connection: Develop your ability to feel the pauses and deeper intuition within yourself by strengthening the connection between your mind and body, recognizing that this is where the essence of divine timing resides.⁠


I would love to hear more about your experiences with divine timing!  Just reach out and connect with me here.  


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