Creating Our Luck with Quantum Human Design

Nov 07, 2023

We often attribute our serendipitous victories to mere chance, labeling them as luck. For years, I fell into this pattern, echoing my mother's words. Whenever a fortuitous twist of fate smiled upon me—like getting into nursing school, securing a job before graduation, or even finding a new home within a week of listing my old one—she would say I was lucky.

But luck, as I've come to understand, is far from a random draw. It's not about winning the lottery, hitting a jackpot on a Vegas slot machine, or even clinging to a lucky charm. It's about alignment and intention—two core principles of Quantum Human Design (QHD).


Quantum Human Design is a new paradigm of self-understanding

It combines traditional Human Design with contemporary evolutions in quantum physics and consciousness. While Human Design provides us with a blueprint of our energetic nature, QHD takes it a step further. It empowers us to actively shape our reality through this energetic framework.


In QHD, creating our luck is akin to sensing desires straight from the heart and committing ourselves to the right work. It's about being completely honest with ourselves. When we align our actions with our true intentions and desires, we are no longer doing the wrong work out of obligation, nor are we giving up when the path gets rough. We are committing to a cycle of growth, persistence, and ultimate self-discovery.

Take my journey as an example. When I decided to leave hospital work, it wasn't a leap made on a whim. It was a conscious choice, an alignment with my deeper desires for how I wanted to practice nursing—a choice that seemed lucky but was actually the result of a deep, inner knowing.

So how does one apply the principles of QHD in life coaching? It begins with a commitment to self-honesty. As a coach, it's my role to guide clients towards uncovering their authentic selves. This is not always easy because it involves peeling back layers of societal expectations and self-imposed limitations.


For instance, when we catch the 'right wave,' a metaphor in QHD for recognizing and seizing our aligned opportunities, we must be prepared to ride it all the way through—even if it means getting caught in the whitewash occasionally. If we abandon our pursuit too soon, we might miss out on the wave that could carry us to our desired destination.

In Quantum Human Design, every ending is a new beginning. There is no finality, only transformation. This concept resonates deeply with my own experiences. When I sold my home and found a new one within a week, it wasn't just luck. It was the result of clarity, of understanding my own design, and taking aligned action.

As we embrace the principles of QHD, we learn to see life as a series of interconnected cycles. Each cycle is a chance to apply our understanding, to experiment with our energetic blueprint, and to truly live in a way that feels right. And when we do this, we 'create our luck,' not through chance, but through a conscious design.


If you're on the cusp of discovering what Quantum Human Design can do for you, remember this: the luck you create is not random—it's a direct result of your authenticity and alignment with the universe's design for you.

Are you ready to explore the principles of Quantum Human Design and unlock the potential for 'luck' that has been waiting for you? Take the first step towards understanding your unique design and how you can leverage it to transform your life.



Let’s dive deeper into Quantum Human Design Theory….


Quantum Human Design – A Deeper Dive

As I reflect on the concept of 'luck,' I can't help but see it through the intricate lens of Quantum Human Design. It's a system that speaks to me, not just as a set of abstract principles but as a living, breathing map of potentiality that's unique to every individual.


The Quantum Aspect: Integrating Potentiality with Reality

At its heart, Quantum Human Design is a quantum approach to understanding the human experience. It integrates the 'I Ching', astrology, the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the Chakra system, and quantum physics to paint a detailed picture of one's energetic makeup. But QHD doesn't just leave you with a blueprint; it encourages you to experiment with the canvas of your life.


Type and Strategy: The Foundations of Your Design

The foundation of QHD lies in understanding your 'Type' and 'Strategy'. These two aspects dictate how you best interact with the world and manifest your desires. For example, as a 'Generator', my strategy is to 'respond', which means waiting for something to happen in my outer reality to which I can respond. It's about recognizing signs and synchronicities—those are my 'waves' to catch.


Authority: Making Decisions Aligned with Your Core

Your 'Authority' in QHD points to your most reliable decision-making process. It could be emotional, sacral, splenic, and more, each offering a unique way to make choices that resonate with your true self. When I sold my home so swiftly, it was my splenic authority—a sudden intuitive hit—that told me it was the right time.


Profiles: The Roles We Play

Our 'Profiles' in QHD describe the roles we play in our lives and how we dance between our conscious and unconscious motivations. It's about understanding the dynamics of our personality and how we're meant to walk through life. Realizing my 1/3 profile helped me appreciate my innate need to investigate and the resilience to learn from life's trials.


Centers, Gates, and Channels: The Circuitry of Being

Diving deeper, the Centers, Gates, and Channels in our QHD chart reveal the nuances of our being—our strengths, our challenges, and our potential for connection with others and the universe. When we work within this circuitry, we harmonize our energy, akin to an orchestra playing in a perfect concert.


Life's Work and Incarnation Cross: Your Purposeful Path

Perhaps the most profound aspect of QHD for me was discovering my Life's Work and Incarnation Cross. This is your 'soul's purpose'—the theme of your life story. Understanding this has been like finding a compass in the open sea. It has given direction to the 'work' I am devoted to, making the concept of luck obsolete.

As a life coach, I guide my clients to explore these elements, to embrace their unique design, and to live in a way that reflects who they truly are. It's about creating a life that's not left to chance but is consciously designed and lived with intention.


Living Your Design: The Path of Least Resistance

Living your Quantum Human Design is akin to swimming with the current rather than against it. It's about recognizing when to push and when to let go, learning that sometimes the path of least resistance leads to the greatest achievements.


Quantum Alignment: From Theory to Practice

In practice, Quantum Human Design is a tool for transformation. It's a framework that, when applied, can bring about profound change. It's not just about understanding your design on paper; it's about embodying it, living it out day by day.


The Future Is Designed

As I continue to navigate life with this quantum compass, I can see the ripples of change not just in myself, but in those I coach. We aren't just passive recipients of luck; we're active participants in creating our reality. With Quantum Human Design, the adage 'we create our luck' takes on a whole new meaning—one that is empowering, purposeful, and intensely personal.


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