Welcome! I'm Jerilyn Ito, and my soul's journey is a beautiful testament to the miracles that unfold when we surrender to self-discovery and allow transformation to light our path.

My life unfolded with a career in nursing, marriage, and the joys of raising children

all seemingly following a planned path toward retirement. Yet, the script of my life took an unexpected turn when I discovered my voice through the magic of creative writing and voice lessons. This discovery ignited a new chapter, filled with twists and turns beyond my imagination.

The exploration of creative expression led me to a divorce,

unveiling a profound journey of self-discovery. In this process, I delved into a newfound understanding of the universe and the depths of the human spirit, unraveling mysteries I never knew existed.

Venturing beyond conventional wisdom, I immersed myself in intuitive development and diverse healing modalities – from Angel cards to channeling, Reiki, connecting with the spirits of loved ones, and specializing in Quantum Human Design™. This exploration expanded my understanding of life and the profound interconnectedness of all things.

Despite facing challenges on my journey, each moment of adversity became a stepping stone to a more profound connection with my soul. Through this deeper connection, I witnessed my dreams unfolding, teaching me the invaluable lesson of trust and faith in myself.

Life has been my greatest teacher, guiding me towards contentment, inner strength, and joy. The secret? Cultivating a meaningful connection with the soul that transcends any obstacles that might surface along the journey. 

In this sacred realm, I serve as a guide, empowering those who yearn to embark on their soul's journey.

I serve as the gateway to my clients' soul guidance. Stepping into personalized mentorship, they immerse themselves in a transformative journey, deepening their connection with the soul in both personal and professional realms, confidently crafting and expanding their dreams.

As a parasympathetic breathwork practitioner, I stand ready to support clients in navigating any arising trauma during their soul-searching process. I gently guide them in moving these energies through their bodies, awakening their inner selves for even more profound soul guidance.

As you step into my universe, you'll witness the graceful unfolding of your soul's guidance, unveiling the next steps on your sacred journey. Empowered by newfound confidence radiating from the depths of your soul, you can fearlessly move towards your dreams and aspirations.

My mission is to empower high achievers and performers, unlocking their potential with unwavering self-belief to achieve their dreams.